GHP Pump

Grifo High Performance Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump


The GHP high lift, horizontally designed multi-stage centrifugal pump units are suitable for pumping water at a maximum temperature of 40C and operate at 1490 rpm, pumping to heads of 1 200 metres at a volumetric output of 200 litres per second.


Robustly constructed to withstand the harshest mining environments, the pumps embody modern hydraulic design principles. Superior manufacturing standards and top quality materials ensure compatibility between rotating and stationary wearing parts giving a high level of corrosion and erosion resistance. This extends operating life, efficiency and reliability and results in low maintenance costs. The split form drive-end bearing and bearing bracket allows the bearing to be replaced without removing the motor from its position.

The bronze impellers are spun cast ensuring mechanical and metallurgical integrity.

Balancing Disc and Wearing Ring assembly

The unique Grifo design of the balancing disc assembly has completely eliminated the problems and time consuming efforts previously required for balancing disc maintenance.

Materials of construction

End cover Cast steel
Stage casing Cast steel
Shaft Forged steel EN24T
Impellers Pb1 to Bs1400, Spun cast
Diffuser and overflow Pb1 to Bs1400
Neck rings Pb2 to Bs1400
Shaft sleeve – Pb2 to Bs1400
Bearing bracket – S.G.I.
Bearing liner – C.I./W.M.
Internal fasteners – Stainless steel


Please contact Scamont Germiston for further information.




These pumps can be supplied with Pb1 casing inserts or with the application of ceramic or other coatings to pump components in the event of poor quality water being pumped.

The white metal bearing arrangement can be converted to sliding roller bearing (SRB).