SP200 Sludge Pump

Scamont SP200 Triplex Single Acting Reciprocating Plunger Pump

First launched in 1984, the Scamont SP-200 pump is regarded as a benchmark for high pressure applications across multiple industries. The most common application of the Scamont SP-200 is in the mining industry where the removal of mud, sludge and dirty water from underground is of critical importance.

The Scamont SP-200 is the most advanced in the positive displacement mud pump class because it incorporates innovative design features with proven mechanical technology. The pump casing is made from fabricated steel and stress relieved before machining, thus providing exceptional rigidity. The split-casing design allows for quick and easy maintenance and refurbishment to be carried out more effectively and efficiently than previous generation pumps. This includes the ability to replace bearings and gears with minimum effort.

The SP-200 pump is capable of dealing with a wide range of flow rates and pressures from 10.42 litres per second at 975 metres or 95.5 bar to 4.63 litres per second at 2,180 metres or 207 bar.


  • Robust design with fabricated steel frame allowing for refurbishment
  • Fluid end configuration interchangeable with Scamont SP-600
  • Clear water or slurry service with solids up to 8mm in size
  • Low R.P.M
  • Simple maintenance
  • From 4.63 l/sec at 2180m vertical head to 10.42 l/sec at 975m vertical head or similar pressures
  • Different materials of construction available in order to deal with a multitude of corrosive forces
  • Electric or diesel motor driven
  • Proudly manufactured in South Africa


  • High dynamic head applications
  • Horizontal or vertical transfer
  • Underground and Surface Mining Operations
  • Settler Underflow
  • High pressure jetting or hosing
  • Shaft bottom de-watering
  • Stage mounting during shaft sinking
  • Backfill pumping
  • Grout plants
  • Tailings

Recommended Motor Size: 110 kW
Larger motors can be installed however maximum pressure cannot be exceeded

Max Recommended Pressure:
Note 3″ Plunger models require forged fluid ends

Recommended Crank Speed: 100 RPM
Speeds can be altered by changing the pulleys. Greater speeds result in greater flow which requires more power. Contact a Scamont representative before attempting to change flow rates

Recommend NPSH: 1m
This is measured from the fluid surface level to the centre line of the pump. Suction lines longer than 6m will result in a greater NPSHR. Please contact a Scamont representative to assist.

Max Particle Size: 8mm
Use a mesh screen to remove any particle which is larger than 8mm. This mesh must be cleaned regularly to avoid suction problems

Pump Weight: 5300 kg
This is complete with motor and base frame. Pump without motor and base frame weighs 5000 kg

Pump Accessories:
Scamont offers a full range of accessories for the SP200 pump. This includes and is not limited to:

Non Return Valves (Installed in order to limit slip flow on discharge valve)
Shear Relief Valves (necessary in every installation to limit max. pressure)
Plug Valves (used at start-up to obtain operating speed with load)
Accumulators and Air-chambers (used to obtain steady flow in discharge line)
Valve Seat Pullers (used to remove valve seats)
Plunger Extracting Tool (used to assist in removing plungers)
Sockets (specific to stuffing box, jackshaft and eccentric nuts)
Starter Panel (Designed to be used with the SP200 pump, details obtainable from Scamont representative)

Pump Monitoring Device
Scamont offers a lubrication monitoring system which trips the pump on low oil, filter block or oil temperature limit.

Material of Construction
Scamont Engineering can alter the materials of construction for any application including mud and acid water.


The four different sized plungers are interchangeable to provide for varying capacities and pressures.
Data subject to change as required.

For further information regarding the performance and general arrangement of the Scamont SP-200 pump consult the PDF documents below.