Rock Drill

The Scamont SRD123 Drifter is designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions possible. Manufactured entirely by Scamont at its plant in Johannesburg, the machine is an extremely versatile and highly manoeuvrable pneumatic drill that that lends itself to rock drilling operations in areas where space restrictions are an issue or mobility is a requirement.

The machine is capable of drilling a hole with a bore of 50mm in diameter up to 40 metres deep within 90 minutes. The hole can then be reamed using the same machine up to a diameter of 130mm.

The Scamont Rock Drill machine is widely used in the mining industry in Zimbabwe and Zambia and is also ideally suited to applications in open-cast mining and in the construction industry.

For further information regarding the performance and general arrangement of the Scamont SRD123 Drifter consult the PDF documents below.